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 FINE SHADER JE01: flat, firm tip for precise application of eyeshadow 

SMALL BLENDER JE03:  eye shadow  blending , eye contour.

CONCEALER JE04 : tight&dense hairs, pick more powder, suitable for paste.

 ROUND EYESHADOW JE05: liquid foundation, .Ideal for blending and shading.

 SMOKY EYESHADOW JE07: Shading and blending with smoky effect.

 BLENDING JE08 : Tapered Tip allows for the more controlled application. 

 LARGE EYESHADOW JE09: Soft synthetic hair  perfect to apply sheer color. 

SMALL EYESHADOW JE10: Apply or cream products bronzer

 BROW LINER JE12: Apply directly to the lash line for cream, liquid or powder.

 ANGLED LINER JE13: Ideal to line&define eye with control&precision, 

 DUO FIBRE JF01: Use to create soft layers or add textures.

 SWEEP JF06 : The synthetic bristles ensure smooth, streak-free application 

 FLAT FOUNDATION JF07 : Apply&blend foundation, powder&mineral makeup.

 ANGLED BLUSH JF09 : Apply blush on cheeks and blend towards the ear.

 TAPERED POWDER JF10 : Apply powder, blush or contour shades precision.

 ROUND FINISH JF11 : Contour the face shape with cream&powder products.

 DRIP POWDER JF13 :Use finger to gently blend it for beautiful high gloss look. 

 ROUND CONCEALER JF14 : Blends cream or liquid concealer.

 FAN JF15: For gentle highlighting applying,used with powder, liquid, or cream. 

 FLAT LIP JL01 : Use for controlled lipstick application, with a metal cover.